Unit Plan Title: Can You Persuade Me? How to Make Friends and Influence People.

Unit Plan Summary:

The students will be learning about, applying and analyzing various modes of persuasion and propaganda in written, print, and visual forms. They will also learn about Bias, Loaded words and how they are used to persuade in works of writing. Students will analyze, synthesize and create artifacts using persuasive and propaganda techniques.

Your Curriculum-Framing Questions:
How are people persuaded?

Unit Questions:
How is/are propaganda/persuasive techniques used in advertisements?
How are modes of persuasion and propaganda used to persuade and influence the opinions and thoughts of others?
What modes of persuasion/propaganda work best on you? Why?
How is peer pressure used? How have you or someone you know been affected by peer pressure?

Content Questions:
What are the various modes of persuasion? Propaganda?
What are some examples of peer pressure?
Who is to blame if you jump on the bandwagon/ submit to peer pressure?
How can self image affect your ability to deal with peer pressure?

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Unit Plan