Creating Web Pages That Rock

Course Overview

In this unit students will identify good and bad characteristics of E-commerce Websites. Students will design an E-Commerce business using effective elements of web design.
  • Students will identify the key factors to use to launch an E-business
  • Students will differentiate the various target audiences and provide examples of the website that appeal to each audience.
  • Students will identify tools use to evaluate web traffic.
ยท Students will prioritize/compare/rank order different tools to evaluate successful web design.
Curriculum-Framing Questions
Essential Question
Why use the World Wide Web (WWW)?

Unit Questions
What impact does the www have on disbursing information?
What impact does the www have on e-commerce

Content Questions
What factors influence users to visit your websites?
Which criteria determine a successful websites?
Which marketing strategies promote website use?

Assessment Summary

Students will create an e-commerce website that should incorporate effective elements of design. Students will have peers shop and evaluate each website using a rubric.

Unit Plan