Unit Plan Title:
"gods punish pride"
Unit Plan SummaryTo prepare for the 4th quarter district performance assessment, the students will read “Antigone” together focusing on the concept of how “gods punish pride”. They will analyze each character and determine how pride plays a role in his/her life. They will rank each character as to his/her level of pride and find support to prove it. Using three literary elements for support, the student will be able to show how those three elements affect the theme of how “gods punish pride”.
Your Curriculum-Framing Questions

How does literature help us better understand ourselves?
How does Sophocles still speak to a 21st century audience?
How does the concept of “gods punish pride” affect our lives?

What are some important things to know about Greek tragedy and tragic heroes?
How do characterization, foreshadowing, and symbolism affect the theme “gods punish pride”?
What are characterization, foreshadowing, and symbolism?
What is a tragic hero?
How is theme different from the moral of a story?

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